Roadtown News 1.19.18 

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Tuesday, January 23

School Council , 3:15-4:15pm


Wednesday, January 24

Country of Origins Fair, 2nd Grade, 9:00am


Thursday, January 25

PTO Meeting, 5:00pm (NOTE NEW TIME)


Friday, January 26

All School Assembly, 2:30-3:00pm



Dear Moose Community,

Well, it was another wacky week! Here's hoping we get back to our consistent schedule next week.

The flu and flu-like illnesses are going around the school. We have been very careful about washing hands and disinfecting desks, door handles, etc. We want to remind families to please keep students home if they are displaying symptoms of these illnesses. There's a lot of spreading of germs fast in younger children classrooms! If you have questions or concerns, please contact Nurse Katie.

I want to give a public shout out to Matt our custodian. Matt has been cleaning, plowing, and helping in the kitchen when Chef Gail had to be home. Thank you Matt! We all appreciate you.

Have a great weekend. We will hopefully see everyone back for a full week on Monday.


***PTO NEWS***


We’ve received a check from Boxtops for $100.60!  Send in your Boxtops, clipped from various grocery products, to school to raise money for the PTO!


Next meeting is next Thursday, Jan. 25 beginning at 5:00pm.  Note new time!



Sonia from 6th Grade!


JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at school?
SA:  Probably the extracurricular activities like gym and art.

JCB:  What is your favorite food?
SA:  Probably the pizza in Italy.  The cheese was European cheese and it was so creamy!

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?
SA:  Probably do plays, also dance and gymnastics.  I take dance at Pineapple Dance with Cedar.

JCB:  If you could be any animal what animal would you be and why?
SA:  That’s a hard one… a red panda.  They’re so cute.  Or a honey badger because they’re cute but evil.

JCB:  Is there anything else you’d like the Shutesbury community to know about you or is there anything special about you?
SA:  My family loves to travel and we travel a lot.  We’ve been to a lot of states like California and Hawaii and Pennsylvania and stuff and Washington DC.  We’ve also been to Turks and Caicos and the Grand Cayman and now Italy.   I liked Italy the best.  Hawaii, Grand Cayman, and Turks and Caicos are all very similar but Italy is very different – it’s land, not an island, with cities, like here.   Like there’s Boston and then Shutesbury!

Photo credit to Katie Harrington.


The newly formed Shutesbury Recreation Committee is pleased to announce a series of gentle yoga classes in January, February and March. Yoga will meet Wednesdays, 9 am, at Town Hall. The suggested donation/fee is $3 - $5 per class. Fees will be collected at the beginning of each month. Please bring a yoga mat. 








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