Roadtown News 2.16.18 

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February 19 – February 23

Winter Recess, NO SCHOOL


Friday, March 2

All School Assembly, 2:30-3:00pm


Saturday, March 3

PTO Trivia Night, 7:00-9:00pm

Shutesbury Athletic Club



Dear Moose,

We completed a whole week of school! The weather was milder and with it came the mud and puddles! Please continue sending students to school with boots. It helps with the mud/water factor!

Children's author/illustrator Jeff Mack came to present to students on Monday. He shared his books, ideas, and writing process with us. Students also got a special drawing lesson!

Report cards are going home with children today. Family conferences will take place at the end of March/early April. If you have questions or concerns around your student's progress, please reach out to your child's teacher.

The recent horrific and tragic event at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida is on all of our minds. I want to assure families that my primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of the students and adults within the building each day. I take this responsibility incredibly seriously. We have detailed plans for emergencies and practice these plans with the assistance of State Police and local safety officials multiple times a year. Our school is continually meeting with and working with safety officials to update safety practices to be the most up to date and effective. If you have questions regarding some of our safety practices I am more than happy to talk with you. There are a lot of political things that can be said regarding the latest shooting in Florida. Lots of emotions, from rage to deep sadness, can be felt by many. What I know now is that I am keeping the community, victims and families of the victims in mind. I am also figuring out how I can work/help to ensure children and teachers can attend school without fear of an act of violence occurring.



School Safety at Drop Off in the Morning - In order to keep all students, staff, and family members safe in the parking lot in the morning, we have a few reminders for you:

  • Please do not allow children to walk through the parking lot by themselves.  All children should be escorted by an adult if they are coming in from anywhere else besides the bus.
  • Please drive slowly when pulling in to the parking lot in the morning.  Although we are asking all adults to escort children in to the building, this does not always happen.  If drivers are more careful we will reduce our risk of an accident even more. 
  • Please do not drive in the “bus lane,” closest to the school.  Painted lines on the far side of the parking signify where families can park in order to walk children in to school.  The bus lane is for buses only and it is unsafe for cars to drive through them during drop off.  The lane closest to the school is also a fire lane so parking there at any point during the day is prohibited.  Thank you!


Author/illustrator Jeff Mack sketches his character Mr. Monkey during his SES visit on Monday. Many thanks to the SES PTO and the Shutesbury Cultural Council for funding!



The Moose on the Move Running/Walking Club has been meeting despite the cold and wet weather through the months of January and February!  Congrats and kudos to the students who have still been moving with us.  All of these students will be recognized at the next assembly on Friday, March 2:

Abby Addison

Elyse Hawkins

Bennett Lanoue

Trevor Makepeace

Sam Malcolm-Brown

Mie Piner – 35 mile milestone!

Elodie Warwick

Tansy Warwick – 35 mile milestone!

Many other students are close to their next milestone (10, 25 or 35 miles) so if they work hard at the track during the week after vacation, we’ll be recognizing even more students at assembly on Friday, March 2!  Stay tuned for more info on the next Moose on the Move session in March …


Maisie from 6th Grade!


JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at school?
MM:  I like math and spelling.  We do definitions for spelling.

JCB:  What was your hardest word last week?
MM:  Astronomer – someone who studies astronomy.

JCB:  What is your favorite food?
MM:  I like Thai food a lot.  I like the spices and I like how spicy it is.  You should go to the Taste of Thai in Amherst.  We get take-out there.

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?
MM:  I love to swim and play field hockey.  And I like just to hang out with my friends. 

JCB:  Will you be swimming or playing field hockey in middle school?
MM:  Yeah, I’ll be doing both.

JCB:  Where are you planning on going to middle school?
MM:  Williston, Northampton.

JCB:  If you could be any animal what animal would you be and why?
MM:  A unicorn because they have mystical powers.

JCB:  Is there anything else you’d like the Shutesbury community to know about you or is there anything special about you?
MM:  Some people might say I’m funny.  What is a ghoul’s favorite drink?  Lemon-slime!  I’m in the special band called Fender Bender and the Jazzy Hippies.  Shout out to Fender Bender!

Photo credit to Katie Harrington.


Not School Sponsored

The newly formed Shutesbury Recreation Committee is pleased to announce a series of gentle yoga classes in January, February and March. Yoga will meet Wednesdays, 9 am, at Town Hall. The suggested donation/fee is $3 - $5 per class. Fees will be collected at the beginning of each month. Please bring a yoga mat. 


Due to anticipated inclement weather, the Autism: Parent Training Series of tomorrowWednesday February 7 is being re-scheduled.  Please see below for the revised event information.

Moving Through School: How to Adjust to New Schools and New Expectations

Date: Wednesday March 7

Time:  6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Location:  Amherst Regional Middle School, PD Center

Childcare is available for in-district families.  Please RSVP to prior to Monday March 5, 2018.

News from the M.N. Spear Memorial Library

Join us for one of these programs coming up soon.

Tales & Tunes Storytime with Katie

Stories, songs, and activities for young children and their caregivers.

Weekly - Mondays, 9:30 -11 am, at the Library


New Parent and Family Meet & Greet 
Do you have a new baby? Are you a family with young children and you are new to the area?
Join us for an informal gathering of our newest families. Free refreshments. 
Hosted by the Union 28 Community Network for Children and the M. N. Spear Memorial Library.

Sunday, February 18th, 11 am, at Town Hall


Healthy Cooking for Kids – Healthy Breakfast!

A hands-on cooking and eating workshop for 6 -13 year olds.
Menu: healthy French toast, eggs in a basket, and chocolate strawberry smoothies.
Space is limited - REGISTRATION required. Please call 259-1213 to register.

Wednesday, February 21st, 10:30 am– 12:30 pm at Town Hall

Visit our website,

LIKE us on Facebook, 


Art. Theater. Music. Dance. Mime. and more

February Vacation Camp, 19-23
Join us for One day, Two or more days, or the WHOLE WEEK!
Camps in Amherst & Northampton
Brought to you by Multi-Arts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching THE ARTS to children ages 4-12


"Where artists bring their passion and joy to their teaching"
Arts: Speaking with your heart to the hearts of others."
Catalina Arrubla


Hey all! 

I am super excited to announce that the Contemplative Feast is back in March!! Please join Mother Daughter Team Leslie Cerier and Michelle Huber 

This month's theme is: Returning to Self

It comes from a big life theme and question that I've been working with of, "How do I stay with myself while being with others? 

Michelle is excited to guide an embodied experience around this question, which will be followed with meditation and open writing. Afterwards we will FEAST on a gluten-free, vegetarian, ALL ORGANIC lunch made by Leslie Cerier. The Organic Gourmet

Last year these workshops were a true treat and we are excited to be collaborating again sharing days of nourishment with you all!


11:00-11:15: Arrival and Tea
11:15-1:00: Contemplative Practice: deepening self- connection, guided breath, movement, voice explorations, meditation and journaling
1:00-2:30: Gourmet Organic Vegetarian Gluten-Free Lunch

Sliding scale $40-65 if paid in advance, $65 at the door if there's room, work exchange possible

Limit to 8 people, Please RSVP to

The Contemplative Feast will take place in Shutesbury, MA, we will send out directions after registration. Bring layers, as well as cushion, blanket or mat for comfort. Bring a journal to write in.


Both advocates of self-nourishment, Mother and Daughter team Leslie and Michelle come at it from different angles: 

LESLIE, the Organic Gourmet, has devoted her life to teaching hands-on cooking, and creating nourishing meals that are not just good for you, but pleasurable and good for the planet.

MICHELLE is a movement facilitator whose work pulls from experiences with the Feldenkrais method, Dance Improvisation, Meditation, Journaling, Authentic Movement, Nonviolent Communication, Body-Mind Centering and Performance. She strives to interweave these methods to increase connection to self, others, and the earth.

Thanks you all! 

Much love,


Does your child like to cook or bake with you? I’m looking for parents and kids or grandparents and kids or even a favorite aunt or uncle with their nieces or nephews who’d like to have their kitchen experiences featured in the next Kids in the Kitchen (Kids in the Kitchen is a column in Valley Kids Magazine, put out by the Greenfield Recorder. Email me at, or contact me on Facebook, Tracey Prohaska Carroll - Freelance Writer. Who knows your favorite recipe could be the next one printed for readers to try out.

Swift River Soccer at Swift River School, New Salem! 

Soccer will run for 6 Saturdays, starting on Saturday, March 3

Below is the link to the online Swift River Soccer sign up form. Click on the link or copy it and paste in your browser.






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