Roadtown News 3.8.19 

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Sunday, March 10

Daylight Savings Begins, Spring Ahead!


Wednesday, March 13

5th Grade Sojourner Truth Performance

10:30am & 6:30pm


Thursday, March 14

5th Grade Field Trip, Sojourner Truth Walking Tour 



Thursday, March 14

School Committee Meeting, 7:00pm


Friday, March 15

Duffy Academy of Irish Dance Performance



Friday, March 15

All School Assembly, 2:30-3:00pm


Tuesday, March 19

5/6 Field Trip to Hitchcock Center, 9am – 12pm


Wednesday, March 20

PTO Meeting, 7:00pm


Friday, March 22

Moose on the Move Dinner at Shutesbury Athletic Club




Hello Moose,

As I write this the 4th, 5th and 6th grade students are buzzing with excitement about the Books in Action Party tonight at SES. This party is associated with the Massachusetts Children's Book Award challenge that Ms. Lobenstine leads in our school. Students in the other Union 28 schools participate too. Students in all Union 28 schools who have read at least 5 out of the 25 books get an invitation to come to en evening of fun, games and food based on the MCBA books. It is QUITE the event. Thank you to Ms. L for her amazing leadership, enthusiasm and hard work with this event and process.

Next week the 5th grade class will perform their Sojourner Truth play on Tuesday and then they are going on a Sojourner Truth walking tour field trip on Wednesday. A School Committee meeting takes place on Thursday and the Duffy School of Irish Dance will perform for us on Friday! We have several students performing with them!

An MCAS schedule will be shared with families in grades 3-6 next week. The testing will begin in April. Students will have 2 sessions of testing in Math and ELA ( 5th grade has science too). The tests will be on the computer. We do not emphasize or teach to these tests. We have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. If you have any questions regarding state testing, please contact me.

Don't forget to turn your clocks forward for daylight savings this weekend! We lose an hour of sleep, but gain sunlight! I'll take it!





SAVE THE DATE!  Moose on the Move Club is hosting the community dinner at the Shutesbury Athletic Club on Friday, March 22 from 6-8pm ($7-$10).  We’ll have healthy soups, salads, hearty breads and fruitful desserts.  All are welcome (even if you are not an active member of Moose on the Move Club).  Please join us!  We could use a lot more people to help us set up, serve, clean up or cook for this dinner.  Please consider signing up at this link:  Even if you can’t help with the event you could just join us for dinner! 

Through winter break and alternative learning days some students and staff kept up their walking and running and racked up more Moose Miles!!  Way to go!!  These children and staff will be recognized at the next assembly:

10 Miles!

Sam Adams

Evelyn Battistoni


25 Miles!

Radha Grip

Bella Mendez


35 Miles!

Judie Belanger*

Sabine Gasko

In February we clocked 196 miles!!  That’s hard to do in cold, snowy, rainy weather!!  Thanks to Matt and Andy for keeping our track walkable!!





JCB:  What is your favorite thing about school?
JD:  Hmmm…Recess! 

JCB;  What do you like to do at recess?
JD:  Hmm… do our inside [recess] and play on the snowbank outside.

JCB:  What is your favorite food?
JD: Mmmm…Mac and cheese.

JCB:  Who makes it the best?
JD:  My mom!

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at home?
JD:  Listen to stories on CD. 

JCB:  What’s your favorite story on a CD?
JD:  Junie B. Jones.

JCB:  If you could be any animal, what animal would you be and why?
JD:  A koala because they’re my favorite animal, because they can climb really easily. 

JCB:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
JD:  Hmmm…a veterinarian.

JCB:  Do you have any pets right now?
JD:  No.

JCB:  If you could get a pet, what would you get?
JD:  A koala!

***PTO NEWS*** 

SES PTO is collecting your used-up markers & Crayola will pay for them to be mailed in and recycled! 

**We will do this through the end of the year.**

Look for boxes at school with this symbol 

and simply drop your 
markers inside! The PTO will mail them in. 

Boxes will be in the lobby, library and teachers’ room.


weekly lunch menu


Families Connecting

Free Clothing Swap

Square Dance

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