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Wednesday, August 28

First Day of School 2019-20


Dear Moose,

As we finish out another school year, I want to extend my gratitude and appreciation for all of our school community for the collaboration and support that was demonstrated to our school, staff, students, and community. Shutesbury Elementary School remains a robust, welcoming, exciting, creative and student-centered school. On behalf of the staff of SES, we want to wish everyone a happy and rejuvenating summer filled with fun, sun and laughs. 

Please be on the look-out for information in late summer around school updates and our welcome back to school gathering! We look forward to continuing our school adventures on August 28th for the 2019-2020 school year!

Happy Summer!



Principal Mendonsa and Superintendent Haggerty accepting recognition for our school at a ceremony in Boston!


This school year we have run/walked over 3,078 miles!!  We have hit our goal of making it from Shutesbury to San Francisco, California!!  Woo hoo!!!  Way to go, Moose!!  Many Moose stepped it up (pun intended) during these last few weeks to hit their own personal milestones and help us reach our team goal.  We appreciate your hard work this year and hope these healthy habits continue.  Look for information on summer walking (at the SES track) through the MN Spear Library this summer.


51% of students ran/walked at least 10 miles during the school days this year!

24% of students ran/walked at least 25 miles during the school days this year!

14% of students ran/walked at least 25 miles during the school days this year!


2nd grade (19 students) ran/walked the most miles as a class covering 458.62 miles this year!

3rd grade (12 students) came in 2nd place as a class with 423.53 miles!

And Kindergarten (13 students) came in 3rd place as a class with 355.77 miles!


October was our most productive month.  We ran/walked 600.68 miles in October!

May was our 2nd most productive month.  We ran/walked 432.52 miles in May! 

These 5 SES Moose participated in the Lake Wyola Road Race on June 9!!



JCB:  What is your favorite thing about working at this school? 
JM:  I really enjoy the sense of creativity and kindness that our school has. I love that students get to make fairy houses and play magical imagination games at recess in the woods. I like that students like to work together on interesting projects and present their findings and work. I am proud that our students love to READ and that they frequent our school library often. I'm really happy when I hear students participating in math talks and science projects that create a rumble of engagement in their classrooms. It is exciting to me that students are often excited about what they are learning and feel empowered to ask questions and think creatively. 

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do outside of school? 
JM:  I love to spend time with my family (including my rascal pup, Finley). I'm also a major musical theater enthusiast and often perform in shows and plays around the valley. I am also in a fun a cappella group called the Chill Harmonics! We perform often as well.

JCB:  What is your favorite book? 
JM:  I have been an avid Anne of Green Gables fan since I was in second grade. I am also a devout Harry Potter (JK Rowling) fan. If I was sorted into a Hogwarts House, I am certain I would be a Ravenclaw!

JCB:  If you could be any animal, what animal would you be? 
JM:  A dog-- especially in my own house-- I would have THE LIFE (spoiled rotten)!

JCB:  When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up?
JM:  When I was really young I wanted to be an ice cream truck driver, except instead of music or a bell from the truck, I wanted to sing out great tunes with a microphone and sing things like, "Come and get your delicious ice creammmmmmm!”  Starting in middle school, I wanted to be on Broadway.

JCB:  What is your favorite food? 
JM:  As many of the students know, my favorite food is a crispy, fresh, dill pickle! BUT cheese and Martina's pineapple salsa are a close second.

JCB:  What are you looking forward to this summer? 
JM:  My family and I are attending a very fancy wedding in Portugal! We will be going to Lisbon, Sintra and Porto in Portugal.

JCB:  What are you looking forward to next year at SES? 
JM:  I always love seeing how much the students grow over the summer as well as continuing to work with a great bunch of educators and families. Also, next year's 6th graders were new 1st graders when I first arrived at SES. It will be fun to have seen this class grow from little tots to mature middle schoolers! 


Audition for Pelham Players! Pelham Players is a free youth theater program for kids in the ARPS towns and nearby area. This summer's show will be Shakespeare's As You Like It.  Performances will be on August 2nd and 3rd, with rehearsals several times a week throughout the summer.
Auditions for As You Like It will be held on Saturday, June 15th from 10:30am to 12:30pm at the Pelham Library. Everyone is guaranteed a part, but auditions will help determine who fits which role. Actors should come prepared to read from script excerpts provided and to do some basic movement. E-mail the director at if you need an alternate time/day, or for more info.



Hello All!

It is truly beginning to feel like summer as the sun shines, the CNC summer schedule begins. I have attached a copy of our Summer Playgroup series at Northfield Mountain on Fridays. 

CNC has one last Community Fundraising Dinner at the Shutesbury Athletic Club next week on Friday, June 14th from 6:00-8:00. $5 for kids, $10 for adults. Please consider putting it on your calendar to celebrate the beginning of summer and help the CNC Program keep going!

  • We are still looking for a few volunteers to help clean up at the end of the night, help serve and greet people at the door.  
  • Other ways to help? Donate gift cards or cash to help us purchase food and paper goods. 
  • Invite friends to come join you for dinner!

-- Gillian Budine, Coordinator
Community Network for Children
201 Wendell Road
New Salem, MA 01355
(978) 544-5157 

Find Community Network for Children on Facebook


Go take a Hike!

Shutesbury’s recreation committee is sponsoring a hike on Sunday, July 7th at 10 am. The meeting spot is Randall Rd boat launch- there is plenty of parking both at the site on the right and at the parking lot at the water's edge. This 3-mile hike will take approximately 1 1/2 hours and has short ups and downs. Bring your bug spray - we'll all be checking for ticks at the end. Stay tuned as we will also be sponsoring a hike on Aug 25th, 10 am - site TBA.

And mark your calendars for Saturday, September 22nd for Celebrate Shutesbury. We'll have a table where you can let us know your interest in bird calls, animal tracking, plant ID, mushroom hunting, snowshoeing, Moose on the Loose SES and more hikes. We're happy to be coordinating our efforts with Ridge Runners, what formerly was Camp Anderson, Geocaching and Quest interest. Bring along trail maps that you have for trails in and around Shutesbury.

We look forward to seeing you. 


Ice Cream Social and Movie Night! 6 p.m.—Saturday, June 22, Leverett Town Hall

Community Ice Cream Social & Movie Night, for families, neighbors, and friends. Come for the ice cream and stay for the (family appropriate) movie. The movie and popcorn will start at 6:30 p.m. We’ll transform the town hall, so bring blankets and/or folding chairs for your viewing comfort. This event is free and open to the public.


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