We had a short week with a lot of indoor time due to the frigid temperatures.  On indoor recess days some classes use the gym to get a little energy out....hopefully we will be able to go outdoors all of next week!  There have been confirmed cases of Strep Throat in the building and a lot of students who have had absences due to high fevers.  Please be sure to keep your child home if they have had a fever or vomiting/diarrhea within the past 24 hours.  Also, encourage a lot of handwashing and good nights’ sleep!

Next week is the last week of January!   Monday we will be celebrating our halfway mark through the school year - 90 days down and 90 days to go!  Time is flying by and we are already working hard to schedule many spring events at school.  So much to look forward to...

On Friday, February 7 we will have the Whalemobile visiting SES.  Thanks to Mary Anne Antonellis, the MN Spear Memorial Library and the New Salem Academy for granting us this amazing experience.  All classrooms will get to visit the life-sized whale in the gym and learn more about humpback whales and oceans.  We really appreciate this opportunity.

Have a wonderful weekend!




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