Kindergarten 2

22 OCTOBER 2015

Language Arts


We are learning sounds and letters using Jolly Phonics. The kids love learning the gestures and coloring the sheets that accompany that. When their booklets come home the sheets have a small picture demonstrating the gestures so parents and children can practice them with each other. (They really enjoy doing it!) We are making words with the letters we have learned and the older children are beginning to read. Many of the younger children are enjoying making story books and writing plays to act out.


We have been working with rhyming words for the past two weeks. We started by matching words that rhymed and didn’t rhyme with a thumbs up and a thumbs down. Children looked for picture stamps to match with pictures in their booklets. They found a ring to match with a king, a dog with a log etc. They also matched word pairs on their own, selecting from a much wider array of pictures. They played rhyming lotto, finding a word on their board that matched the word the teacher said. 


We have been counting and measuring in math.We learn to play a lot of different math games early in the year that we build on all year long. In one game we draw a card, and then place that many pennies on a ten frame. In another we roll a die and record the number on a sheet. We pick a handful of cubes and record how many we have on our sheets. At the end of our last unit we began ordering things by size. Everyone made a cube stick of the letters in their names. Children sorted by names that were longer and shorter than their name. They then took four names and ordered them from shortest to longest. They also drew four cards and put them in order from smallest to largest. 


We have begun a measurement unit this week, by tracing our shoes and measuring them with cubes. We began measuring tape lines around the classroom with popsicle sticks today. As important as doing the math is, we are very interested in the discussion that follows. This is where critical thinking happens. If a line is in between 4 and 5 popsicle sticks long, is it four and a half sticks long or five and a half sticks long? One child made a very persuasive argument for five and a half sticks meaning the fifth stick is half a stick. Hearing his logic was much more exciting and thought provoking than understanding what four and a half means.


We have been having a lot of fun cooking up a storm in pre-k and kindergarten. We were given a lot of apples and a lot of pears this autumn. We have made apple sauce, pear sauce, apple crisp, applesauce cake and apple pancakes. We still have some pumpkins to cook up and make delicious food from.