BDG Attorney for School District


The School Committee recognizes that it will require legal guidance in the course of fulfilling its responsibility of oversight for the school district including labor negotiations, legal issues facing the district, and policy and procedures. In all situations, the school committee shall be the client for legal services secured by the District.

The Committee recognizes that some types of legal assistance are routine. The School Committee expects the Superintendent to use his/her professional judgment to inform the Committee of developing legal situations that might have significant legal or financial implications for the Committee and/or town. The Committee shall authorize the Superintendent, Principal and or School Committee Chair the ability to access and retain legal services when needed. These services may include the use of town counsel, an attorney and or legal firm. The Committee shall be apprised of all legal matters that require additional expenditures beyond those allotted for and approved in the school budget line item designated for legal services. If the cost of legal services goes above what is budgeted by the Committee, the Committee shall determine the scope of legal services being used by the District and may establish guidelines for how legal services are used.

Securing services of a law firm requires a majority vote of the School Committee even if legal services are provided pro bono.

The Committee may require that the attorney representing the Administration and or the Committee, to directly advise and or report to the School Committee.

The Committee shall, from time to time, review its legal services to evaluate if the district is being appropriately served regarding its legal needs.


LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 71:37E; 71:37F

First Reading: 04/25/13
Second Reading, First Vote: 05/23/13
Final Vote: 06/17/13