CH Policy Implementation


The Superintendent has responsibility for implementing and enforcing the policies established by the School Committee that fall within her/his job description. Administrators and supervisors are responsible for informing staff members of policies and regulations and for ensuring that they are implemented in the spirit intended. It is expected that the policies and regulations will be followed.

For policies that fall beyond the purview of the Superintendent, the School Committee will be responsible for ensuring their effective implementation.


NOTE: This policy is one of a coordinated set of policies relating to Policy Implementation adopted by a Massachusetts School Committee. Other statements cover Development of Regulations (code CHA) and Regulations Dissemination (code CHC). However, a policy related to these two subcategories could be included in the more general code CH, Policy Implementation.

First reading: 02-28-07
Second reading, first vote: 03-21-07
Final vote: 04-25-07