Afterschool Program

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome back !!

After School Program 2018-2019

So, what are we doing during the after school program?  We begin with quiet choice; Lego blocks, art, coloring, reading and various games.  I believe it to be very important to teach the children to make good choices during this free time. After activities, the children enjoy a healthy snack and then some fresh air outside to expend their energy. This allows the children to play freely together, building on collaboration and developing a healthy camaraderie.

It is most important to me that all the children feel comfortable at After School, so I try very hard to ensure a secure and respectful environment. In addition, I think it is essential they develop creativity as a tool for them to use now and in the future.  If you are able to supply items such as egg cartons, paper towel cardboard rolls, old fabric or clothing, or anything you may be able to provide that lends itself to making arts and crafts, please bring these items to After School or to the main office. 

Items not to bring : 

Anything made of glass

Handheld video games, electronics, toy from home or music players of any kind.

Items to bring :

Refillable water bottle, sun screen and hat.

I appreciate you placing your trust in me with your wonderful children. Should you have any questions or suggestions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Dominique Bienvenue

413-259-1212 ext 146