Dear Moose Community,

We did it! We had a great first full week back at school! As I assisted students getting into cars at the end of the day this week, I found myself repeating "They seem tired, but happy" to all the families. We are all building our stamina for academic and social interaction for a full day after over a year of most of our time being at home. Students and teachers have been slowly easing into this adventure. I am so proud of all SES Moose for being kind, flexible, patient and enthusiastic about being back together. 

It has become very apparent that students need to really lather on the sunscreen before coming to school. Also, students need to bring a comfortable hat that they can wear while outside. This is especially important from lunchtime until dismissal as most classrooms are outside when it is sunniest. Students should also bring a water bottle every day. We installed 2 touchless water bottle fillers in the school this year, so the students have easy access to clean, cold water.

Next week will be another great week of school together. The following week (April 19-23) is April Vacation. We ask that families continue to keep the health and safety of our entire school community in mind during April Vacation. Attending large gatherings, especially indoors, or extensive travel to states and communities with high COVID numbers could jeopardize the health and safety of our students and staff. We want to continue to be able to have a phenomenal last 8 weeks of school together in the healthiest and safest way possible. 

Happy Weekend, 


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