BDD School Committee-Superintendent Relationship


The Massachusetts Association of School Committees handbook states that “as the representative of the community, the School Committee is accountable for the quality of education in the school district.” The three major areas relating to ensuring quality education that the School Committee is responsible for are: (1) policy, (2) finances, and (3) the Superintendent. The Superintendent serves the Shutesbury School District as the educational and administrative professional who shall lead the district.

Shared Superintendent for Shutesbury within Superintendency Union #28 (from policy CB) The Town of Shutesbury is a participating town in the Superintendency Union #28; as such the Superintendent of Schools is shared with the other towns in the Superintendency Union. Guidance regarding the role, responsibilities, and accountability of a shared Superintendent in a Superintendency Union is outlined in MGL Ch.71: Sec. 59. In summary, the Superintendent is accountable to both the Shutesbury School Committee for management and leadership of the district and to the Joint Supervisory Committee of Union #28 as his/her employer.

As the employer for the Superintendent, the Joint Supervisory Committee of Union #28 rather than the Shutesbury School Committee, shall determine and conduct the evaluation process for the Superintendent. All members of the Shutesbury School Committee shall participate in the evaluation of the Superintendent based upon a process determined by the Joint Supervisory Committee. The Shutesbury School Committee reserves the right to provide the Superintendent with feedback on initiatives specific to the Shutesbury School District.

Expectations and Relationship
The Superintendent will assist the School Committee in reaching sound judgments and will place before the Committee all relevant facts, information, and reports necessary to keep the Committee adequately informed of situations or business at hand, and to enable the School Committee to make balanced and informed decisions.

The School Committee will leave to the Superintendent matters of decision and administration that are provided by state law and regulation. The School Committee reserves the right to make decisions on all matters otherwise within its scope of responsibility including matters concerning general policy or expenditures of funds. The School Committee will normally proceed in its decision-making after receiving recommendations from the superintendent but is in no way bound by these recommendations.

The Superintendent will ask for guidance from the School Committee with respect to matters of operation whenever appropriate. If it is necessary to make exceptions to an established policy or to take actions not clearly identified as being within the scope of the Superintendent or the School Committee, he/she will submit the matter to the School Committee for advice and direction.

First reading: 11-15-12
Second Reading, First Vote: 12-20-12
Final Vote: 01-17-13