BEDA Notification of School Committee Meetings


The Shutesbury School Committee shall comply with state law regarding notification of its meetings and that of its sub-committees. These laws are outlined by the Attorney General’s Open Meeting Law guidelines. The committee will comply with any subsequent interpretations and regulations provided by the Attorney General.

The School Committee believes that parents/guardians, town officials and community residents should have reasonable access to advance notice about meetings. Therefore, in addition to the notification requirements specified by Massachusetts law and regulations, notification of School Committee meetings will also be provided via the school newsletter when published, and may be electronically posted on the School website (or via subsequent mass communication vehicles using the Internet). Consistent with state law and policy BEDB, these notifications will be accompanied by a copy of the meeting agenda.

Notification of sub-committee meetings of the Shutesbury School Committee are only required to comply with state law.

SOURCE: MASC, Shutesbury School Committee
LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 39:23A; 39:23B

CROSS REF.: BE, School Committee Meetings

First Reading: 04-10-12
Second Reading, First Vote: 06-21-12
Final Vote: 07-19-12