BEDB Agenda Development Process and Format


Agenda Development and Process The Shutesbury School Committee believes that the process for developing an agenda for a School Committee meeting should meet the following:

The agenda should reflect the needs of various stakeholders in the operations and activities of the School Committee. Primarily this means the members of the committee but also includes the Superintendent, Principal, and any associated support staff supporting the committee.

The agenda needs to be created collaboratively. The process of setting the agenda should be done consistently from month to month,

regardless of who holds the position of Committee Chair, Superintendent, or

administrative support staff.
The agenda needs to be sent out in a timely manner in advance of the meeting to allow 
for adequate review by the committee, key stakeholders and the public.

As noted by the Massachusetts Association of School Committees, any School Committee member, staff member, or citizen may suggest items of business. The inclusion of such items, however, will be at the discretion of the Chairperson of the Committee.

The following are guidelines for setting the agenda for each full Shutesbury School Committee meeting.

The administrative support staff person that supports the School Committee will distribute a rough draft agenda to the School Committee Chair, the Superintendent and the Principal roughly two weeks before the upcoming meeting. This draft will include items taken from previous meeting minutes, administrator notes and other sources introduced by school committee members, administrators or the public. This version is intended to create a foundation for agenda development for the upcoming meeting.

The Chair will solicit the other Committee Members for proposed agenda items that they would like to discuss at the upcoming meeting.

The Superintendent and Principal will send suggested agenda items to the appropriate administrative support staff. This should take place in time for the Chair to incorporate their items.

The administrative support staff person will create a draft agenda that includes the Superintendent’s and Principal’s proposed agenda items, along with the any notes. The draft agenda will be sent to the School Committee Chair in time to compile a final agenda for timely distribution to the committee.

The Chair will develop a final agenda that takes into consideration all proposed agenda items, as well as any other items that are needed - prioritizing or combining items as necessary. Based on available time for the school committee meeting not all proposed agenda items will be included in the final agenda for discussion but all proposed items will be made available for review by the committee. The Chair will create the final agenda for the upcoming school committee meeting which will be sent to the administrative support staff person for timely distribution to the committee members. The Chair will also send or identify enclosures and supporting documents.

Distribution of Agenda The final agenda, together with supporting materials, will be distributed via mail and/or email by the administrative support staff person to the School Committee members and other regular recipients including the Superintendent and Principal seven days prior to the meeting. Others may receive the agenda in advance by arrangement with the Chair.

A copy of the agenda will be posted in the Superintendent’s office, a central and visible location in the Shutesbury Elementary School, and the Town Hall. A copy of the agenda will also be distributed via timely school communications. Copies of the agenda will also be posted in public places.

Copies of the agenda will be made available at the School Committee meeting in an amount consistent either with usual turnout of public participants or to meet need of an expected turnout by the public.

Agenda Format The order of business will be determined by the Chair with review from time to time as determined by the Committee.

The agenda will provide for public comment consistent with the Public Participation Policy (BEDH).

By vote of the committee, the agenda may be rearranged for the convenience of visitors, individuals appearing before the Committee, or to expedite Committee business. Items on the agenda can be moved to subsequent School Committee meetings.

At regular meetings, the agenda may allow for the following business to be conducted:
Call to order
Review of agenda
Approval of minutes

Public Comment
Payment of bills and signing of warrants, review of finances
Discussion of new or unfinished items for committee consideration
Policies, as necessary
Reports from Superintendent, Principal, sub-committees and committee representatives
Review of future meetings and items for discussion Adjournment Executive Session, as necessary

SOURCE: MASC; Shutesbury School Committee

Second Reading, First Vote: 05/20/10
Final Vote: 06-17-10