CB District Superintendent of Schools


The Town of Shutesbury is a participating town in the Superintendency Union #28; as such the Superintendent of Schools is shared with the other towns in the Superintendency Union.

Guidance regarding the role, responsibilities, and accountability of a shared Superintendent in a Superintendency Union is outlined in MGL Ch.71: Sec. 59. In summary, the Superintendent is accountable to both the Shutesbury School Committee for management and leadership of the district and to the Joint Supervisory Committee of Union #28 as his/her employer.

Leadership of the district The Shutesbury School Committee recognizes that the Superintendent of Schools is the educational and administrative manager for the Shutesbury School District, fulfilling the policies and guidance of the Shutesbury School Committee. According to MGL Ch. 71, Sec. 59, the superintendent serving a town within a Superintendency Union “shall manage the system in a fashion consistent with state law and the policy determinations of that school committee.”

As defined by MGL Ch. 71: Sec 59B, the Superintendent shall provide “supervision and direction” to the principal of the Shutesbury Elementary School, who shall in turn, serve as the “the educational administrators and managers of their schools and shall supervise the operation and management of their schools and school property”. The Superintendent shall also supervise and provide direction to all Central Office staff who service the Shutesbury District.

Employment and Evaluation of Superintendent The Shutesbury School Committee is not the employer of the Superintendent even though the Superintendent is responsible for managing the district consistent with the direction and policies of the Shutesbury School Committee. Per MGL Ch. 71: Section 63, only the Joint Supervisory Committee of Union #28 “shall employ a superintendent of schools” Additionally, MGL establishes that the Shutesbury School Committee does not have the ability to hire, set conditions of employment, set compensation for, or remove the Superintendent. MGL Chapter 71, Sec 63 indicates that the Joint Supervisory Committee shall “determine the relative amount of service to be rendered by him in each town, fix his salary, provide for fringe benefits, and other conditions of employment, including but not limited to, severance pay, relocation expenses, reimbursement for expenses incurred in the performance of duties or office, liability insurance... He may be removed, with the consent of the department, by a two thirds vote of the full membership of the joint committee

As the employer for the Superintendent, the Joint Supervisory Committee of Union #28 rather than the Shutesbury School Committee, shall determine and conduct the evaluation process for the Superintendent. All members of the Shutesbury School Committee shall participate in the evaluation of the Superintendent based upon a process determined by the Joint Supervisory Committee. The Shutesbury School Committee reserves the right to provide the Superintendent with feedback on initiatives specific to the Shutesbury School District.

Fiscal Responsibility The Superintendent is responsible for managing the finances and ensuring the financial health of the Shutesbury School District. The Superintendent is responsible for presenting an annual budget based upon guidance and decisions made by the Shutesbury School Committee and for tracking financial activities throughout the fiscal year.

The Superintendent will serve as budget officer but he/she may delegate portions of this responsibility to members of his/her staff, as he/she deems appropriate. The three general areas of responsibility for the Superintendent as budget officer will be budget preparation, budget presentation, and budget administration.

Reporting The Superintendent shall prepare such reports as may be required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Shutesbury School Committee, and the Town of Shutesbury. These will include financial, academic and other required or requested materials.

Other duties The Superintendent shall perform such other duties consistent with Massachusetts General Law as the Shutesbury School Committee may determine.


LEGAL REFS: M.G.L. 71:59; Ch71:63; Ch 71 59B

First read: 07-21-11
Second reading, first vote: 09-15-11
Final Vote: 10-20-11