DBC Budget Deadlines and Schedules


Preparation of the annual budget will occur in phases throughout the fiscal year based upon deadlines established by law and charter, and in accordance with guidelines provided by the Select Board and Finance Committee.

According to MGL 71:38N, “The School Committee shall hold a public hearing on its proposed annual budget not less than seven days after publication of a public notice. Prior to such public hearing the School Committee shall make available to the public at least one copy of the proposed budget for a time period of not less than forty-eight hours at the office of the superintendent.” Additionally it will be made available to the public in one other designated location – either Town Hall or the school.

The final date for the submission of the budget to the Select Board will be arranged cooperatively with the School Committee and town Finance Committee. The Select Board has authority to impose a date as early as December 31.

The School Committee must vote on adoption of the school budget for the next year leaving adequate time for public notice and for final approval at the annual Town Meeting.

LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 71:38N Town Charter (See local reference)

NOTE: A policy in this category might contain key dates established by law or charter. Otherwise an exhibit document listing critical dates might follow under code DBC-E.

Regional school districts should also refer to 71:16B for pertinent information. A citation to that section of law should also be added to the legal references.

First reading: 04-25-07
Second reading, first vote: 05-16-07
Final vote: 06-20-07