DJ-A Environmentally Preferable Purchasing


Consistent with the Purchasing Policy (DJ), the Superintendent or his/her delegates shall consider purchases and services that have an environmental preference. This reflects the School’s mission and responsibility for sound stewardship and health and safety.

In considering whether purchases are environmentally beneficial, purchases of services and materials:

• Must comply with or exceed applicable state or federal environmental laws, regulations, rules, policies, and procedures

• Give preference to sustainable, reusable content, and recycled materials over virgin materials, as well as to conserve water and energy

Additionally, the Superintendent or his/her delegates shall incorporate the concept of pollution prevention such as reducing or eliminating toxicity, as well as air and water emissions as part of the environmental preferable purchasing evaluation process. When practical, cost savings and environmental impacts should be considered for the lifetime of a product or service with preference given to purchases that require less manufacturing, packaging, transport, energy consumption, maintenance, and/or disposal.

The Superintendent or his/her delegates should collect accurate and meaningful information about environmental performance of products and services and regularly use this data to inform and improve procurement systems. This information shall be made available upon request as appropriate.

First reading: 06-20-07
Second reading, first vote: 07-11-07
Final vote: 08-15-07