In keeping with its mission and its obligation to sound stewardship, the School Committee expects that the School District shall make purchases that balance fiscal soundness with actions that promote social and environmental responsibility. To this end, a variety of factors shall be considered when purchasing for the District including, but not limited to, obtaining high quality materials or services, environmental soundness, support for the local economy, and support for small or minority-owned businesses. While not the sole determinant, purchases must consider competitive or bulk pricing. All purchasing procedures should be in compliance with state laws.

These guidelines for purchasing shall pertain to operational and educational services and materials for the District. This shall include contracts with vendors.

The Superintendent or his/her delegates will serve as the purchasing agent. The Superintendent or his/her delegates will develop and oversee the purchasing program for the district in keeping with priorities established by the School Committee, legal requirements and in alignment with the adopted school budget. Purchases will be made using written procedures approved by the Superintendent for the school district which shall include requirements for emergency purchases. Although bulk purchasing or group contracts with other entities may be entered into, these shall not infringe upon the aforementioned purchasing priorities of the District.

The acquisition of materials, equipment, and services will be overseen by the Superintendent of the District who may delegate authority to the principal and other staff, as appropriate. Where possible it is preferred that acquisitions for use at the school be made by or with input from the Principal or his/her delegates.

SOURCE: MASC LEGAL REFS.: M.G.L. 7:22A; 7:22B; 30B; 71:49A

NOTE: This category is useful for a general, overall policy on purchasing, which includes content that might otherwise be filed in a number of subcategories of this main topic. Specific regulations pertaining to purchasing are better filed under DJF, Purchasing Procedures.

First reading: 03-21-07
Revised for 1st vote May 18, 2007
Second reading, first vote: 06-20-07
Final vote: 07-11-07