EBC Emergency Plans


Advance planning and training for emergencies and disasters are essential to provide for the safety of students, staff and visitors.

The Superintendent in conjunction with the Principal, local public safety officials and a school-based safety committee, will develop and maintain plans for preparedness in case of emergencies including but not limited to fire, civil or criminal emergencies, and natural disasters. These plans shall meet the requirements of state law and shall consider other factors including school procedures, physical layout and culture to maximize the possibility of a successful response.

Plans shall be maintained in written format on file with the Superintendent, the Principal and local public safety officials. Training and/or review of emergency plans with staff shall occur annually or more frequently as needed. Plans shall be reviewed regularly by the Superintendent, Principal and designated others to ensure that they remain current given evolving needs of the school/community and that consideration is given to emerging trends and practices in the field of school safety and preparedness.

The Principal shall meet all requirements for conducting fire drills and any other drills required by law. It is understood that practice familiarizes students and staff with safety procedures.

SOURCE: MASC CROSS REF.: EBCD, Emergency Closings

NOTE: The cross reference on the above policy is to a related statement in this manual.

First reading: 06-20-07
Second reading, first vote: 07-11-07
Final vote: 08-15-07