Roadtown News 5.11.18 

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Friday, May 11

6th Grade Spaghetti Dinner, 6:00pm and 7:30pm seatings

(PTO Raffle and Book Sale happening concurrently)


Sunday, May 13

PTO Mother’s Day Breakfast, 9:30am-12:30pm

Shutesbury Athletic Club


Thursday, May 17

Kickboxing for Grown Ups, 3:30-4:30pm

Free!  Donations to the PTO Accepted!


Thursday, May 17

School Committee Meeting, 7:00pm


Friday, May 18

All School Assembly, 2:30-3:00pm


Wednesday, May 23

Kindergarten Open House, 9-10:30am



Thursday, May 24

Zumba for Grown Ups, 3:30-4:30pm

Free!  Donations to the PTO Accepted!



Hello Moose,

TONIGHT is the night!  The Annual Spaghetti Dinner is happening tonight with the lovely 6th grade students serving up some delicious pasta for the town.  At this time the 6:00 seating is SOLD OUT.  Walk-ins are welcome for the 7:30 seating.  Thank you Renee, Ms. McDonald and the 6th grade parents for bringing this special event to us again!

On Sunday, some PTO fathers will be hosting a Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast at the Shutesbury Athletic Club from 9:30am-12:30pm.   Special thanks to Gus Carlson and crew for organizing this first-ever, father-led PTO fundraiser!

We are looking forward to finishing up our MCAS testing next week and finding our groove for the last 6 weeks of school!  Check the Roadtown News and school website for upcoming info regarding Strings Concert, Band Concert, Spring Concert with Ms. Berube, Drama Club Presentation of “The Jungle Book”, 6th Grade Graduation, Field Day and more!

Have a great weekend!





Lila from 3rd Grade!


JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do at school?
LG-H:  Well, I’m not very sure.  I love science.  We’re studying plants or invertebrates.  I’m not sure.

JCB:  What is your favorite food?
LG-H:  Um, I don’t know….

JCB:  If you could have anything for lunch today what it would be?
LG-H:  Probably spring rolls with shrimp and mint leaves wrapped around it.

JCB:  What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?
LG-H:  Guinea pig – I watch her eat carrots.  It’s very cute.

JCB:  If you could be any animal what animal would you be and why?
LG-H:  Well, is it possible that I could “interfere” different animals with different animals?

JCB:  Yes
LG-H:  Moose plus hawk plus guinea pig plus flying fish plus cheetah.

JCB:  I would love see what that animal looks like.  What would that be called?
LG-H:  Well, basically an M plus an H plus a G plus a P plus an F plus a CH.  I have no idea what that spells.

LG-H laughs.

JCB:  What are you looking forward to this summer?
LG-H:  Ooh, I have 4 days of camping on Cape Cod!

JCB:  What are you looking forward to in 4th grade?
LG-H:  Big kid lunch.  Big lunch recess.

Photo credit to Katie Harrington.

***PTO NEWS***

Moose are on the loose! Be on the lookout for “mooseing” in yards on your street!

If you are lucky enough to be moosed (hopefully we will get to about 30 houses this May),  look for a white envelope with a moose on it; we try to put it in an obvious spot! It has instructions on how to name the next family to be “moosed,” how to leave an optional “removal fee” for the PTO and when the moose will be picked up.

Many thanks for playing along SES! 

Shutesbury PTO




Thanks to all of the classrooms who helped tidy up the track last Friday.  Many hands make light work and our track looks much better with the gravel back in place.  It was heartwarming to see all of the busy children working together towards a common goal. Thank you!

Altogether we have walked/run 1,324 miles this year!!  That is amazing!!  Nurse Katie has moved the string on our map in the front hallway all the way to Orlando, Florida!!

In May, the Moose on the Move Club will gather at 3 different meeting times.  We are meeting Monday mornings from 8:00-8:30am on the track, Tuesday afternoons from 3:10-4:00pm on the track, and Friday mornings from 8:00-8:30am meeting at the Town Common and walking to school.  Join us if you can! 

At the next assembly (Friday, May 18) the following children will be recognized for meeting these personal milestones: 

10 Miles:

Charlie Grant

Ella Evans

Forrest Dooley-Carvalho

William Rathbun


25 Miles:

Khalil Wynkoop-Morrison

Lila Gilman-Hollabaugh

Ronan Donta

Sage Fiander

Sam Malcolm-Brown


35 Miles:

Bennett Lanoue

Elyse Hawkins


50 Miles:

Tansy Warwick



Family Time with Multi-Arts

Join us in a fun, engaging artistic activity aim to bond you with your child creating collaborative art work that brings you: Laughter, Joy & Communication Saturday May 19 at 2 pm Tina Zorz will lead families in a Vision Boarding workshop Create a collage that has everyone's values and personality in the same work of art. You and your family will choose images and words that spark excitement and meaning to your unit. Hang your family-created vision board high in your home for an every day reminder of your values, inspirations, and connection to one another! Place: Immanuel Lutheran Church 867 N Pleasant St, Amherst FREE of charge - donations welcome


Catalina Arrubla

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PTO Breakfast

spag dinner

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