November 20, 2020

Dear Moose Community,

I will lead another all-school assembly with Mr. Cortina on Tuesday, November 24th at 11:30am. Students will get the meet code from their teachers. We will greet each other, read a book and sing some songs of togetherness and friendship and dance! We look forward to this virtual gathering.

The PTO is leading a delicious Pie Sale in collaboration with Diemand Farm! Please consider ordering some delicious apple or mixed berry pies to support our school! The deadline to order pies is TODAY! You can CLICK HERE to get to the order form.  The flyer is also attached to this Roadtown.

This is a reminder for caregivers in Grades Pre-K through 2nd grade to complete the hybrid learning survey sent by email yesterday. We need to understand the numbers of students who will be in person or remote as soon as possible. The more time we have to plan with exact numbers, the better the result for everyone.

Also, our Hybrid Handbook contains our detailed plans and protocols for the transition to hybrid learning. This is available on our school website for you to refer to and access at any time. You can also contact me or Katie Harrington ( school nurse) with any questions.

Next week we have school on Monday and Tuesday only. The rest of the week is off for Thanksgiving break. I urge you to read and follow the SES expectations of travel and gatherings in our Hybrid Handbook and the health and safety expectations in the letter sent by the Superintendent yesterday. We are relying on ALL OF US to continue to keep our community healthy and safe.



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