GCF Hiring Policy for Shutesbury School-Based Staff

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The following outlines the policy by which school-based employees are hired to the Shutesbury School District.  Staffing positions effected by this policy include administrators, teachers, subject specialists, paraprofessionals, clerical/media, custodial/maintenance, food services, substitute teachers, and all other staff partially or fully employed by the district in school-based positions. This policy does not include hiring of the Superintendent, Principal or staff supporting the district but based primarily at the Union #28 central office.

Decision-Making Guidance

This policy is consistent with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 71, Section 59B which states that “Principals employed under this section shall be the educational administrators and managers of their schools and shall supervise the operation and management of their schools and school property, subject to the supervision and direction of the superintendent. Principals employed under this section shall be responsible, consistent with district personnel policies and budgetary restrictions and subject to the approval of the superintendent, for hiring all teachers, athletic coaches, instructional or administrative aides, and other personnel assigned to the school, and for terminating all such personnel, subject to review and prior approval by the superintendent and subject to the provisions of this chapter.”

In terms of hiring school-based employees to the Shutesbury School District, the Shutesbury School Committee interprets this law to mean that as building manager and supervisor the Principal has the responsibility and authority to design hiring processes, make recommendations for hiring and termination; the Superintendent, as the educational leader of the district, has the responsibility and authority to approve or veto a hiring and termination recommendation. As summarized by the Massachusetts Association for School Committees, “The administrator responsible for the hiring of a staff member [is] in the case of District-wide positions, for the position of Principals, it is the Superintendent; for building-based personnel, it is the Principal”.

High Quality Employees

Through its employment policies, the Shutesbury School District will strive to attract, secure, and hold the highest qualified personnel for all professional positions.  The selection process will focus on hiring candidates who are best qualified for the position and assisting them in reaching high levels of achievement. No position may be created without the approval of the School Committee.  The District's goal is to employ and retain personnel who are skilled, knowledgeable, motivated, positive in approach, and possess a strong work ethic.        

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

The Shutesbury School District is an equal opportunity employer. The School Committee believes that the quality of instruction and overall experience of students is enhanced by a staff with a wide variation in background, educational preparation, and previous experience; diversity in background, educational preparation, and experience is encouraged. There will be no discrimination in the hiring process due to age, gender identity, creed, race, color, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or place of residence.

Notice of Vacancy

Known professional vacancies shall be advertised in local newspapers; other broadcast advertising methods including online and local distribution are encouraged. All professional vacancies shall be posted in the school in accordance with negotiated contracts, as well as at Town Hall and the Shutesbury Library. The Shutesbury School District shall follow all requirements pertaining to being an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer.

Community/Staff Involvement

The hiring process for school-based positions should involve parent, community and staff input whenever reasonably possible to integrate a variety of perspectives and to ensure that the school reflects the priorities of the key stakeholders that support the school – parents of school-aged children, taxpayers, and current staff. Input from key stakeholders, while not legally binding, should be taken into significant account in decisions involving hiring.

Application and Hiring Processes

Since a variety of perspectives and community/school input is valued within the Shutesbury School District, the administrator responsible for the hiring of a staff member is directed to establish a representative selection committee, whenever reasonably possible. It is preferable that such a committee include a range of informed stakeholders including staff, parents, community members, School Council or content-area experts, as necessary. While the administrator has the final say in determining who will be recommended to the Superintendent it is expected that the screening committee's input will be a significant factor in the decision.

While, the usual practice is for principal to narrow the candidate pool for a school-based position to one person and send that person’s name to the superintendent for acceptance or veto, the principal shall have discretion regarding the number of candidates forwarded from the Interview Committee.  In all cases, the Superintendent shall notify the Principal of the status of the candidate in writing no more than 3 business day following an interview. If documentation (i.e. CORI, references, license confirmation) is outstanding following the interview, this information will be included in the notification.

If the candidate is vetoed, the principal will choose another candidate to put forward. If the candidate is accepted, he/she will be placed on the salary scale by the Superintendent in consultation with the principal and consistent with District policies. The Superintendent’s office will initiate hiring paperwork. The principal will contact the successful candidate to inform him/her of the decision.

It will be the duty of the Superintendent to see that persons considered for employment in the schools meet all licensing requirements and the requirements of the Committee for the type of position for which the nomination is made. No candidate will be hired without a personal interview, a check of references through a personal contact, a criminal record background investigation and verification of college degrees or other-stated expertise.

SOURCES: MGL Chapter 71, Section 59B; MASC.

Approved. Sept. 16, 2010

Amended (gender identity) 09-27-12

School Committee Reviewed and approved as amended 04-16-15