IGA Curriculum Development


Constant adaptation and development of the curriculum is necessary if the District is to meet the evolving needs of the students in its schools. The Committee expects its teaching staff and administration to evaluate the educational program regularly and to recommend modifications of practice and changes in curriculum content.

To be successful, curriculum development must be a collaborative and continuous undertaking involving staff and administrators utilizing their professional expertise, and gathering input from parents and community. Curriculum development shall be informed by

- data from relevant assessments
- research-based best practices and emerging trends
- instructional programs used by peer Districts
- School Improvement Plan
- expectations from the affiliated middle school
- formal and informal feedback from families, students and community


The Principal shall, as appropriate, establish teams of staff, administrators and/or community members to review, develop and/or modify the School’s curriculum on a regular basis.

Prior to implementation of curriculum changes that significantly impact the budget, goals and/or orientation of the existing curriculum, the Superintendent or her/his designee shall report to the School Committee.


LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 69:1E 603 CMR 26:05

First reading: 09/19/07
Second reading, first vote: 10/17/07
Final vote: 12/19/07